What ReportMD does:

We help collect Patient health condition information on a continueing basis and correlate it visually for the Patient and Healthcare Provider.

It is branded for the Healthcare Provider to have their own Personalized App with their picture, logo design...etc.

Patient Features

  • Select what conditions you want to track
  • Rate and note conditions and symptoms
  • Keep important health condition notes
  • Keep multiple subject journals
  • Generate reports/graphs
  • Share reports with Healthcare Professionals

How does it work

Using any smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer, patients may rate and enter their selected healthcare conditions. When they choose, they may share Report Information with Healthcare Professionals or others.

What does it do

ReportMD collects patients health information, such as their conditions and symptom ratings, medication changes, procedures, journals, and notes. All information is correlated and visually displayed in report and chart/graph form. This will assist Healthcare Professionals in narrowing down a treatment plan.

Who Uses It

This application is designed to be Sponsored, Personalized, and Branded for Healthcare Professionals and Organizations and to be used by Patients.

Why it helps

Patient's medical condition history along with correlated data information can be documented and saved for future diagnosis and use. This will assist the Healthcare Professionals and Patient to see the overall health profile and to take any necessary action.

Getting Started

Call us to get started with your own healthcare practice APP.