For over 20 years World Class Software (WCS) has been providing innovation for voice and tailor made software products and services. We are engineers as well as software developers with expertise in voice integration software and data communications.

With a rich knowledge of business to business integration and innovative software solutions WCS empowers business enterprises to take control of their application and software infrastructures. WCS has developed a strategic software platform tool set that enables us to seamlessly integrate into your packaged or legacy infrastructure. With our Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), we can rapidly deploy new solutions and streamline real time information exchange.

Core Technology and delivered Applications:

  • Customizable Software Application platform
  • Enterprise Call Center applications
  • Numerous custom voice applications
  • Outbound Dialing solutions
  • Data Mediation Gateway - over 20 data protocols
  • Electronic Healthcare Records processing
  • Smartphone Medical Apps
  • Telephony based Smartphone Apps
  • Open sourced Asterisk PBX software solutions
  • SIP, VOIP, and SS7 based supported telcom applications
  • Tier One Carrier Operator Services
  • Emergency Notification systems
  • Call tracking software
  • Call Recording Systems
  • Voice Recognition Software
  • Location Based Tracking
  • National Weather Alert Notication
  • Geophysical Data Analysis
  • Touchscreen kiosk applications
  • Large scale Digital Signage
  • Calling Card Validation

Key Industries:

  • Telecommunications
  • Contact Centers Services
  • Healthcare Applications
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Real Estate Communications
  • Emergency Notification
  • Government - e.g. State of Texas (multiple installations)
  • Retail - e.g. Mobile Carrier store kiosk
  • Supply Chain - e.g. Verizon FIOS logistics modeling

Want to resell under your own brand? We can take what we have and customize it specifically for your vertical market!